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How to Play La Primitiva Lotto

The La Primitiva lotto is the longest running lotto amusement in Spain. It began its initially step path back in the late 1700s, making it not just the most seasoned running amusement in Spain in however all through the world too. The name La Primitiva interprets as "The Primitive One" about the propelled age of the lottery.

The La Primitiva lottery is drawn on Thursday and Saturday night times and take after the standard 49 amusements. Essentially, you should choose six numbers from 1 to 49 and have them coordinated with the six winning numbers amid the draw. There are additionally different methods for winning a prize, for example, coordinating 5 numbers and the reward ball, coordinating 5 numbers, coordinating 4, or coordinating 3 numbers. A reward ball is attracted from numbers 1 to 9 and utilized for supplementing the second prize. If the diversion is not won, at that point a rollover will happen.

The most effective method to Play

In November 2012, another prize classification has been presented for the 6+R (reintegro) prize. This gives La Primitiva bonanza champs an extra prize beside the big stake in the occasion they coordinate the six winning numbers effectively alongside the reintegro number which are allotted naturally on their tickets. A specific segment of the prize store for each draw is designated towards the uncommon prize class, thus giving 6+R champs much greater prizes.

To begin playing La Primitiva, you just need to pick six numbers from 1 to 49. After obtaining your ticket, you will consequently be appointed with a Reintegro numbers. Besides being utilized as a part of the 6+R prize class, you can likewise appreciate a discount in the occasion your Reintegro number matches with the outcome! Amid a draw, the seventh ball (similarly known as the reward ball) is drawn from a similar drum. While it won't qualify you for a big stake winning mix, you can have the capacity to win second prize by essentially coordinating five numbers in addition to the reward ball number.

There are a few approaches to play the La Primitiva lotto. One is to utilize the typical technique for picking your six-number blend. The other one is to utilize the Fortunate Pick which depends on an irregular number generator to haphazardly pick your number for you. You can choose to play for a draw day, or play for both draw days. The same runs with the draw week - you either play on the up and coming week, or employ for different future draws.

La Primitiva Guidelines

The current La Primitiva lotto design utilizes a solitary drum that accompanies a figure scope of 1 to 49. To play the amusement, you pick 6 numbers and have them coordinated with the 6 winning numbers that are arbitrarily picked from the drum. A seventh ball will be drawn from a similar drum by the lottery authorities. The seventh ball won't number towards the big stake prize however will go for the second prize.

The La Primitiva lottery accompanies six prize levels and a €1.00 incidental award for every line for the Reintegro. The breakdown are:

  • 6 balls + Reintegro
  • 6 balls for first prize
  • 5 balls + Reward for second prize
  • 5 balls for third prize
  • 4 balls for fourth prize
  • 3 balls for fifth prize

Reintegro number for incidental award

The La Primitiva bonanza frequently begins at €3 million and will rollover to the accompanying attract the occasion nobody has figured out how to coordinate the triumphant number mix. The chances of coordinating the six numbers in addition to the Reintegro are 1 of every 139,838,160.

There are a few records of enormous bonanzas won on La Primitiva. It incorporates a €25 million bonanza in 2005 and €26 million out of 2007. In 2013, the amusement has a rollover run adding up to €66.6 million from Spring to August. Be that as it may, the greatest big stake at any point recorded was on October 15, 2015 when one fortunate player figured out how to win a whooping €98.4 million!

These days, it is conceivable to play the La Primitiva lottery in any case in case you're from Spain or not. You essentially need to buy La Primitiva tickets from official outlets or from put stock in online lotteries.

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