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Lotto649 Results

About Lotto 6/49 Draw Results

Lotto 6/49 amusement is a national lottery situated in Canada. It's one of the nation's most played lottery amusements, and was additionally the principal national lottery where players got the opportunity to pick their own numbers. Each ticket will cost you $2 and the objective is to pick six numbers from 1 to 49 and coordinate them with that of the 6 winning numbers from the 689 outcomes amid draw date.

Lotto 6/49 – Viki Lotto

Lotto 649 outcomes are drawn each Wednesday and Saturday by the Interprovincial Lottery Partnership in a Smartplay Halogen II draw machine. Players have the choice of purchasing tickets up to 26 weeks ahead of time. Ticket deals will be cut off on 21:00 EST amid draw evenings, while the draw will as a rule start at 9:10 pm. Six numbers will be drawn from a pool of 49, alongside a Reward number which will enhance the estimation of prizes in the lower levels. An ensured prize draw is additionally held after the principle draw (points of interest are found underneath).

Prize Breakdown and Winning Chances

The ensured least prize for the Lotto 649 big stake has been expanded to CA$5 million since 2013, and can increment to much higher sums because of rollovers. Around 40% of the aggregate ticket deals for Lotto 649 are apportioned to the prize pool. Here is a breakdown of the prizes and winning chances in Lotto 649:

6 numbers for the bonanza prize (with chances of 1 out of 13,983,816)

5 numbers in addition to the Reward for second prize (with chances of 1 out of 2,330,636)

5 numbers for the third prize (with chances of 1 out of 55,492)

4 numbers for the fourth prize (with chances of 1 out of 1,033)

3 numbers for the fifth prize (with chances of 1 out of 56.7)

2 numbers in addition to the Reward for sixth prize (with chances of 1 out of 81.2)

2 numbers for the seventh prize (with chances of 1 out of 8.3)

For the Ensured Prize Draw, 7% of the aggregate ticket deals are apportioned to the prize pool and additionally for whatever other exceptional draw prizes. The chances of winning the Ensured Prize Draw will rely upon what number of tickets are sold, with each ticket having break even with odds of winning the prize. The prizes for each of the draw ought to be asserted inside a year after the draw date. The Lotto 649 outcomes are resolved each Wednesday and Saturday. In the occasion there's no Lotto 649 victor for the big stake amid draw date, it will rollover and be added to the following draw's big stake.

Increase Your Odds

After the fundamental numbers are drawn for the big stake and lower prize levels, one Ensured Prize Drawn will be arbitrarily chosen from the choices, netting the champ a prize of $1 million. The Ensured Prize Draw determination will involve eight numbers which are then trailed by a 2-digit trailer. The initial eight digits for a similar ticket are special and won't show up on whatever other tickets for a similar draw. One winning determination will be picked from those issued keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee that a triumphant ticket exists for each draw. Since the choice is extraordinary, it won't be conceivable to impart your number to other ticket holders.

lotto 649 jackpot If you're from Canada, you can buy tickets for Lotto 649 from approved ticket outlets and retailers. Be that as it may, in case you're outside of the nation yet at the same time need to take an interest in the diversion, it is conceivable to purchase your tickets from an online retailer. In the occasion you win, you should guarantee your prize from a similar region where you purchased your ticket. For instance, if Ontario, you should connect with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Organization keeping in mind the end goal to assert your prize. On the off chance that you purchased your ticket on the web, you should get in touch with them and discover how you can guarantee your prize.

Lotto 649 winning History

The biggest Lotto 649 bonanza before costs for the ticket went up in 2004 was $26.4 million which was won on September 1995. In any case, the biggest big stake at any point recorded ever/49 was $64 million which was one by one fortunate ticket holder in Ontario.

The second biggest prize was $63.4 million which was won on April 2013. In the interim, the third biggest was $54.3 million which was won by a gathering of oil and gas plant laborers in Alberta. By correlation, the Canadian Lotto Max lottery accompanies a primary prize pool which could surpass $100 million, even though there is a point of confinement to the principle bonanza topping just at $60 million. The abundance "fundamental prize pool" will be designated to a progression of $1 million prizes for the MaxMillions on a similar draw.

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